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        Latest issue of Crux Mathematicorum – Volume 48 Issue 7, September 2022

        Latest issue of Canadian Journal of Mathematics – Volume 74, issue 4, August 2022

        Latest issue of Canadian Mathematical BulletinVolume 65, Issue 3, September 2022

        Latest issue of the CMS Notes Volume 54, issue 3, June 2022

        Call for Nominations for the Excellence in Teaching Award

        Deadline: Nov 15 The CMS invites nominations for the Excellence in Teaching Award. The award recognizes sustained and distinguished contributions in teaching at the post-secondary undergraduate level at a Canadian institution.

        ?The CMS is very grateful for the support of its sponsors.

        The CMS Student Committee (Studc) was created to help the Society serve the needs of university students. The Committee aims to develop and support the community of mathematics students across Canada.

        Finding Us:

        Canadian Mathematical Society
        616 Cooper St.?
        Ottawa, ON, K1R 5J2, Canada
        Telephone: +1(613)733-2662

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